Litigation Prevention Systems Overview


The Alternative Group works with clients in their particular area of need to create a customized “System” to prevent costly litigation before it happens.


Today, corporations are discovering that if they spend a relatively small amount of time and money addressing issues that repeatedly arise in litigation, they can institute a systematic prevention of employment and consumer disputes, saving them substantial dollars in defense costs, settlements, lost productivity, and turn over.  As an added benefit, insurance companies reduce premiums for corporations that have taken the steps to put a Litigation Prevention System into place.


Some Statistics:


  • Motorola had a 75% reduction in outside litigation costs over six years, after implementing a System

  • Brown and Root reported an 80% reduction in outside litigation costs in the first year of implementing a System to address employee issues

  • NCR reported a 50% reduction in outside litigation costs and a reduction of pending lawsuits from 263 to 28

  • The US Air Force estimated a savings of 50% per claim


*Statistics Obtain from Research Completed by Joan Goldsmith and Ken Cloke.


The Solution…


The good news is that the fix is relatively easy.  It is a simple shift from being reactive to proactive.  Once a company accepts that despite its best efforts, some mistakes and conflicts are inevitable, they can move forward and address them head on, instead of feeling ambushed every time they happen.


The Alternative Group helps corporations take 3 important steps:


  1. Proactive Prevention

    Although the occurrence of some mistakes is inevitable, The Alternative Group helps corporations develop a plan to minimize the number of mistakes made. A plan is tailor made to address prevention through hiring, training and culture.

  2. Proactive Diffusing

    Research continues to show that how consumers are treated immediately after a mistake has occurred, significantly impacts whether or not they will decide to file suit.  The Alternative Group trains employees how to respond to mistakes in a way that will both address consumer’s needs and limit the corporation’s exposure.

  3. Proactive “Process Picking”

    When a consumer or employee does decide to pursue a claim, mediation and arbitration are cost and time efficient alternatives to traditional litigation.  The Alternative Group helps the corporation’s legal department develop a process in which the employee or consumer agrees to mediation and/or arbitration if a dispute occurs, saving the corporation thousands of dollars.


The cumulative result of these three steps is an incredibly effective “Litigation Prevention System” that not only saves the corporation hundreds in thousands of dollars in litigation costs, but also boosts employee morale and safe guards consumer confidence.  Although, conflicts are inevitable, Litigation Prevention Systems allow corporations to accept this reality in a proactive, intentional way that is in the best interest of the company, the employees and the consumers.




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